Jackalhead Rattery


The Residents of Jackalhead Rattery

The rattery prefixes are as follows:

JHR - Jackalhead Rattery

PTA - Pretoria Rattery

WF - Wheatfields Rattery

SRR - Salem Ridge Rattery

LS - Little Squeakers

I breed various lines, and seldom cross rats from different lines into each other.

Not all the rats in JHR are bred, and breeders remain with me at pets once they retire.

The War Admiral / Mink Line

All the rats in this line are direct descendants of JHR War Admiral. "War" had an exceptional temperament and this is evident throughout the line. He helped re-establish the mink variety in South Africa.

Rats from this line tend to grow quite large and are generally very cuddly. Care must be taken to not allow them to get overweight, as they have fantastic appetites!

This line produces Mink, Russian Blue, Dove, Black, Pearl, Silver Lilac and occasionally Siamese (black- and red-eyed) and Roan.



The Ludo / Chocolate Line

Chocolate rats are rare worldwide, and in 2013, "Ludo" was the only breeding chocolate rat in South Africa. He was bred twice and his progeny was sent to 3 other ratteries where they were bred further, and thus, the line was brought back from the brink, so to speak.

All the chocolate rats in SA, and in this line, can be traced back to "Ludo".

This line produces very mischievous rats that may be a bit jumpy as youngsters but calm with age, to become wonderful pets.

This line produces Chocolate, Black, Russian Blue and Lavender.



The C-locus Line

For those who aren't familiar with genetics, the C-locus is the gene responsible for giving us the pointed colours and their related varieties.

This line is made up of rats from various families and tends to produce very friendly rats.

The Siamese and Himalayan in this line are the lighter shades, which was introduced with the imported rats from the USA in 2006. I don't often breed Sable Siamese, which is the darker variety, indigenous to SA, though will occasionally add it as an outcross.

This line produces Siamese, Himalayan, Russian Blue, Wheaten Burmese, Burmese, Black-eyed Cream, Russian Point Siamese, Russian Point Himalayan, Russian Burmese, Russian Wheaten Burmese, Sable Wheaten Burmese, Russian Sable Wheaten Burmese and a few other related colours.



The Neutrals

The "Neutrals" are rats from various bloodlines, that carry very few recessive colours. I use these rats to outcross my lines with, to improve health, markings or size, or to introduce dumbo ears or harley coats.