Jackalhead Rattery


Pricing and Shipping

Pricing for kits is as follows:


  • Standard-coated kits     - R200-00 each
  • Harley kits                  - R250-00 each


Older rats for rehoming may be subject to reduced pricing.


Please see the Currently Available page for available kits and read the Adoption Application page before requesting kits.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve kits in your name and must be paid within 48 hours of booking. For kits that are to be flown, the remaining balance of the kits price/shipping costs must be paid 7 days before flying.


Shipping is R300-00 per rat flying (over and above the cost of the kits) and includes a veterinary health-check (requirement for the shipping company), the travel box, the transport to the airport and the actual shipping itself.


Kits are only shipped in same-sex pairs or groups. Single kits will not be shipped by plane.

Due to rules as determined by the shipping companies, kits must be 8 weeks or older before they can be shipped via plane.


The shipping procedure goes as follows:

You choose which kits you'd like and place a booking for them. I will email you a copy of the adoption contract and my banking details. You need to complete the adoption contract and either scan and email, or fax the completed contract and proof of payment to me. We'll agree on a shipping date and I will confirm flights with Express Air t/a BidAir, the company I use for shipping. On the decided date, I will drop your kits at the airport and they will be put on the plane. Depending on where they're flying to, they'll be in the air for a few hours. You'll be notified of what time the plane is due to land and you'll be able to collect them 45-60 minutes after they've landed. I will email you their pedigrees, feeding and care sheets just before or just after you've received them.


I ship to Johannesburg, Durban, George, East London and Port Elizabeth. Please mention which city is closest to you when applying for kits.


Kits being collected in Cape Town can usually be collected on a Sunday afternoon or evening from Panorama, in Cape Town's northern suburbs. Please remember to bring a travel cage or box with when collecting your kits.


I offer a boarding service to rat owners in the Cape Town area. Any rats entering the rattery must be disease-free and carry no transmittable illnesses. All boarding rats will be treated with Ivermectin for external parasites and worms, upon entering the rattery.

Owners that choose to board their rats with me will be required to sign an indemnity form.

Provided the cage isn't too large, owners may choose to send their rats in their own cages, otherwise I can provide temporary accomdation. I ask that owners send at least 1 item of housing with (hammock or similar) so that their rats have something familiar in the cage with them but no more than 2 hammocks per week that the rats stay with me.

The staple diet for my rattery is SnuggaRat Adult Maintenance, which I supplement with fruit, veg and other healthy treats. Kits under 4 months recieve additional protein to their diet, to aid growth.

For litter, I use paper bedding, with fleece, newspaper and tissue paper added for nesting.

Boarding rats get handled and carried around on a daily basis, but will not be allowed to free-roam.

Pricing is R15.00 per rat, per day and includes food, litter, treats and anti-parasite treatment. Payment is due on drop-off. 

Should your rats require a vet while boarding with me, I have access to veterinary treatment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Any costs incurred for the treatment is to be reimbursed upon collection of your rats.

For enquiries and booking in for boarding, feel free to contact me via the form below

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