Jackalhead Rattery



For enquiries or advice, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]


SnuggaRat - Online rat product shop owned and run by Jackalhead Rattery owner, Michele Christians

South African Rat Breeders Union - See the various rat varieties in SA and find link to other accredited breeders

RASCALS - Rat info and rescue

Ratanooga - Lots of info on keeping rats in SA

Ratanooga Forums - SA's largest online rat community

RatGuide - Info on husbandry and health

Rat Behaviour - Info on rat behaviour and biology

Pet Mania - Rat-friendly petshop that ships countrywide

Panorama Veterinary Clinic and Specialist Centre - 24 hour Veterinary Hospital based in CT that has knowledgable vets to treat rats